Tuesday, 16 August 2011

'Facing' the facts - our make-up habits

A recent poll conducted by shopping channel QVC has found that one in three women never leave the house without make-up on! They also found that 23% then reapply it just two-three hours after being out.

They also found that a third of women in Yorkshire said that putting on their make-up is the most important part of their day and women in the north-west think about their appearance at least once every hour which is more than any other region. Women from the north-east also admitted that their make-up habits hadn't changed since they first started wearing make-up.

This got me thinking about me and my beauty regime. I think I was about 15 when I first started wearing 'proper' make-up. By this I mean foundation, mascara etc. My first foundation was a solid foundation which you applied using a sponge and it was by Avon. I also started wearing lipstick by Rimmel which was Metallic Shimmer and for some reason I also used to wear lilac eyeshadow and in particular a rollerball eyeshadow from Maybelline! I then started wearing No7 tinted moisturiser after my skin started playing up. Today I don't think I use any product that I used to use when I was younger and I think this is due to a number of factors; my skin's changed, it's not as oily which I think is due to a good skincare regime, I've become more confident in doing my own make-up and experimenting and because I can now afford 'quality' products which suit me better. Oh and because things become discontinued!

This poll also reminded me of a woman who told me how she's used Maxfactors Creme Puff since she was 15 and she was now in her 60's! So how has your beauty regime changed over the years? What products did you used to use when you first started wearing make-up?

Full article can be found here.


Amyboo said...

I actually think it's crazy how women see their appearance. It's normal to be worried, but to be consumed by physical features just isn't healthy. =/
I first started using makeup at 14. I used to buy from the cheap drugstore brands like NYC, but as I got older, I did more research on better things. I don't use any of the same products that I did before.

The Caffeinated Spaz said...

I use to wear a Marcelle Foundation when I first started wearing makeup (Marcelle is a Canadian brand), clear Cover Girl mascara, white eyeshadow and eyeliner (?!?!?!) and a cream peach blush from Avon. That was 9th grade. I gradually stopped wearing makeup after 9th grade and then got back into it again in 12th right before I left for College. I think College was really when I started wearing makeup just about every day.

Great post!

-Candice :)

Chichaul said...


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