Sunday, 27 February 2011

The week that was....

Last week I started to get a cold, Chris came home with it and decided to spread his nasty germs, and after feeling loads better on Sunday, I felt rotten on Monday. Urgh! I hate, hate, hate being ill!

Tuesday we went to York and visited Appy Feet for a little fishy pedicure! My haul post can be found here and my fish pedicure post will be up soon!

I also sold the majority of my items on ebay and made a grand total of £175! Of course I'll have my ebay fees to take off which is about £30 but all in all it's not bad! But on saturday when I woke I had a message form someone who I sold a nail polish too saying that it had been used and they wanted a refund and an address to send it back to. Of course I know it was brand new, when I asked what was up with it they said it had polish on the bottle neck and it was droopy. Yes droopy. I presume they mean gloopy which is normal as it's a thicker consistency. But anyway they've had it for around a week and they requested it to be sent to a PO Box address and I have no idea the sellers name! Yes when I sent it I was slightly dubious about this but thought would could go wrong?

Now they've opened a case against me, if I don't respond and loose then I'll be £8 down and lose the product. Annoying. Soooo I've told them to email me photo's of why they think it's been used and then I'll decide from there. Thing is they've got negative feedback about not giving a buyer a refund when they accused them of selling fake goods! And they're selling Chanel nail polish! Rant over...for now!

And also this week I got my first Graze box. As I don't like nuts or seed I was somewhat limited at what I could choose but they have a great selection of foods.

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