Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Product use up

This is the first post of my new years product use up challenge. I set my challenge at the beginning of the year to use up my huge stash of toiletries before the end of the year. This is a MEGA challenge!

So this month I've done quite well as I've used quite a lot of products which were part used.

Products used:
VO5 hairspray
Toni & Guy brunette conditioner
Veet in shower hair removal cream
Avon Senses hand wash
L'Occitane verbena ice body gel
L'Occitane Candied Rose shower gel
L'Occitane Sweet Cherry shower gel
No7 eye make up remover

Products used:
Sure deodorant
L'Occitane Delicious Almond shower gel
Dr Nick Lowe dermabrasion peel

So that's 11 products used in total! It feels really good seeing empty bottles (except for the dregs in the bottom!)

How have you done this month using up your products?


Mybutterfly63 said...

You're doing great!! xx

Alex said...

they have that sure deoderant here in spain its the same bottle and everything its what i always use but here its called rexona weird right? it comes in pink and blue...and the blue smells amazing!

Karla said...

@Mybutterfly63 - Thanks! And have had a good start this month as I've got 2 empties from this morning x

@Alex - It's called Sure only in the UK and Rexona everywhere else, we have to be different for some reason! I'm not sure (no pun intended) which fragrance I prefer as they both smell really nice x

Beautiful You Beauty Blog said...

I need to set myself a challenge like this, my bathroom cabinet is rammed, maybe I should do a post on the contents to shame myself into using them!! x

Karla said...

@Beautiful You - You should set yourself a challenge, it's really rewarding seeing the pile of toiletries go down and I'm not using my new stuff until all my old ones have been used. Giving myself a little encouragement! x

SweetLikeJelly said...

I'm using things up at the moment too and it is soooo satisfying!!! Plus I'm less likely to buy new things because I kinda know I won't want to use it all up and my rule is that I'll have to!

Karla said...

@SweetLikeJelly - My spare room is full of my toiletries and junk and the BF is getting abit fed up of it, he has put up with it for 4 years though, so I decided to try to sort it out. I'm such a hoarder! lol x

Miss War Paint (Nic) said...

Well done you! I've been trying really hard to use things up before buying! It's actually starting to stress me out I have so much stuff! It feels so satisfying throwing stuff out now xxxx

Karla said...

@Miss War Paint - I know how you feel, I was moving stuff round in the spare room on sunday but couldn't put the furniture where I wanted it because I didn't have anywhere to put my huge box full of toiletries. Can't wait till it's gone! x

Amyboo said...

Wow! 11 Products used?! That's great :DDD
I still haven't been able to finish anything. Ugh!

nicoletta said...

You are doing great, ive been trying to use things up for ages and i have done quite well. What is the almond shower gel like i've been thinking of trying it x

Karla said...

@Nicoletta - This one was a limited edition that they did a couple of years ago but the ordinary almond oil is really nice. You only need a tiny bit and it foams up really well and isn't greasy or slippy considering it's an oil x

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