Saturday, 19 February 2011

Review - Batiste

A couple of weeks ago I was sent a can of the new Batiste hint of colour dry shampoo to review.

This is part of the new hint of colour collection from Batiste which comes in three shades: light and blonde hair, medium and brunette hair and dark and deep brown hair. As I have dark brown hair I chose the dark and deep brown option.

I love dry shampoo and would find it hard to live without but as I have dark hair I found it was easier to spray on before I went to bed to avoid that white root look int he morning but this product aimed to eradicate this. Batiste's press release says that:

"Batiste, the UK's No 1 Dry Shampoo Brand, have introduced a range of dry shampoos with a hint of colour specifically designed to complement your hair colour whilst instantly giving you clean, fresh hair full of body and texture. Left in at the roots, it's great for blending in regrowth on coloured or highlighted hair and can even disguise stray greys too."

Well what do I think? I have to say that I love this product! It is a lot less obvious than the normal white dry shampoos and I have even used this in the morning which is practically unheard of! The scent isn't overpowering and is quite subtle but it does reminds me of something so much, I just can't put my finger on what!

I also like the idea of it being used to disguise root re-growth on coloured hair and to cover up the odd grey hair.

I will continue to buy the other varieties of Batiste dry shampoo as I love the different scents but I will also definitely buy a can of this to use in the mornings.

Batiste dry shampoo with a hint of colour is available from Boots, Superdrug & other pharmacies & good retailers, with an RRP of £3.05.



Sherrie said...

I have this also and think it's great for covering up! However Im in love with Blush purely for the scent lol x

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