Thursday, 24 February 2011

Haul - York & more

Just a quick post to show my recent purchases and what I got from York when I went on Tuesday.

Savers and Home Bargains

From Savers I bought 2 dental flossers, yes I admit this is boring, but they are really good! I normally buy Wisdom ones but these were only 59p or something so I thought I'd give them a go. The floss is on the end of the handle and it makes it really easy to get to the back teeth or if your teeth are close together and normal flossing is hard. Oh and the floss is on replaceable heads incase you were thinking that it sounds unhygienic!

And from Home Bargains I picked up 3 Montagne Jeuness face masks which were on offer at 3 for £2! I got 2 chocolate and 1 white chocolate. You can win a chocolate one as well as other goodies if you enter my 100 followers giveaway which can be found here!

Beauty Expert

I had £10 in Tesco clubcard vouchers to use and in their clubcard rewards scheme you can now exchange them for vouchers for Beauty Expert. For every £5 you have in Tesco vouchers you get double the value in Beauty Expert vouchers. So for my £10 I got £20!

I was spoilt for choice about what to get and as I'm on a spending ban I didn't want to put much money towards my purchase but I found this little starter kit from Ren for £19. I have been wanting to try this brand for a while so this gave me the perfect opportunity to do so. And it was free!


In my local store they had Soft and Gentle deodorant on clearance at only 97p so I picked up a can and they currently have all skincare on 3 for 2 so I used my points and got the new Garnier Intensive 7 days body lotion in mango (£2.99), Nivea pure and natural cleanser and Nivea pure and natural toner (both £3.36).

Also on clearance was Eylure body tape, Babyliss straightener brush and Mavala nail polish remover pads.

Boots and Zest

I should have took these photo's separately but never thought, I don't feel very well today so you'll have to forgive me!

From Boots I got Sanctuary moisturiser and toner (both with £5 off as I used my facial skincare vouchers). I wanted the face wash too but the Boots in York was out of stock :-( And I got the 17 photo finish face primer (this was free as my mum got this for me!) Sorry for the bad light on that product too.

And from Zest, which is one of those tiddly little shops crammed with discontinued cosmetics, I got a Sally Hansen Kwik Off nail polish pot (I already have the Apricot one and love it) and a Wet n Wild mineral foundation in fair (again I have one of these but it's in medium).

The Gift Company

I've been looking for decorative things for my bathroom for ages and in the shop window this little pelican caught my eye and I had to have it! It was £7 and my mum bought me the matching boat but I'm getting that for Easter.

Daisy Taylors

Daisy Taylors is a cute little gifty type shop in York and they sell some really pretty stuff. I got a little basket (£3.99) which I knew would come in handy, only problem is that I've forgot what I wanted it for!

And I bought my friend a gorgeous card for her wedding (£4.90) and a cute little cat card (£1.99) for Chris's niece's birthday which is on saturday.

Have you bought any new goodies recently?


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