Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Product use up

So another month has gone so it's time for product use up! I've got through all of my half used products so once again there are quit a few empties:

L'Occitane sweet almond liquid soap
No7 Protect and Perfect lip cream
Botanics deep cleansing gel
Good Things dream cream night cream
Dead Sea Source shea shower gel
Good Things bright eyes eye cream
Lee Stafford shampoo

Kristen Bailey liquid soap
Soap and Glory liquid soap
L'Occitane shea vanilla shower gel
2x Sure deodorants

Back row - Front row:
Avon scalp treatment
Bliss Fat Girl Sleep
Avon banana and coconut body lotion
No7 Make up remover
Batiste dry shampoo
Time Delay face wipes
L'Occitane hand cream
No7 face wipes

So that's it for another month! Have a feeling March's post won't have many used products but I'm getting my stash down...finally!

Have you taken up this challenge? How are you doing? If you haven't I would highly recommend it because after all if you use up your stash it means you get to buy new things!


Honey said...

good luck using the products i tend to chuck mine away at a certain point out its such a waste ;-( your inspiring me to give my half emptys a chance.

im new to blogging i hope you check out mine xx


Karla said...

@Honey - Ahhh no! Yes use everything up! It feels so good when you reach the end of the bottle/tube and seeing all the empties in the bin! I always used to open something and finish it before opening a new one but then I started using everything at once hence the huge amount of products used this month x

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