Monday, 14 March 2011

#AussieLight – Put a spring in your spring! Tell us how would you lighten up your life?

Aussie are offering 10 lucky bloggers the chance to become Aussie Angels by answering this question and linking it to them on Twitter:

"Put a spring in your spring! Tell us, how would you lighten up your life? #AussieLight"

This spring I am lightening my life by going on a massive 'get healthy and loose weight' mission. As I've previously blogged about in my 2011 goals, I have already lost quite abit of weight over the last 6 months but I would ideally like to loose another 5 stone. Yep 5 whole ginormous stone, 31.75 kg or 70 lbs to be precise!

I haven't been intentionally trying to loose weight but with one thing and another and the fact that I'm a bridesmaid in April, I just tried to eat more healthily and to increase my fitness. Now seeing that I obviously can loose weight and as I've made a good start I'm determined to keep it up!

This spring I am continuing to eat healthily, exercise and make some progress towards my overall weight loss goal!

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