Tuesday, 1 March 2011

My first Graze box!

I'd first heard about Graze boxes a while back but didn't really get the point of them. The ones I'd seen on other people's blogs had nuts, olives and seeds in them to be honest I can't stand these! When I looked on the website I was amazed at how much choice they had; flapjacks, dried fruit, focaccia, crackers, chocolate and the things mentioned above. There are also 3 types of boxes to choose from, I chose the nibble box.

My first box was free and I received it on Saturday. The boxes are the perfect size to pop through your letterbox so you don't need to worry about having to be at home to get them. Oh and you also choose which day/s you receive you boxes and there's no obligation to continue receiving them so you can cancel at any time.

And this is what it looks like once opened

I received a pack of korean chilli rice crackers, ooh la la chocolate and raisin mix, milkshake mix and an orange and ginger flapjack.

You also receive a booklet which states whether you've requested for items to be 'sent soon', the nutritional values of each pack and little token-type things for you to pass on to a friend for them to also get a free box. You do get another booklet about eating healthier but this didn't photograph very well.

So I have eaten my flapjack and my korean chilli rice crackers and they have both been delicious!

Boxes are £3.49 each or you can get your first one free and second half price if you redeem this code: HJCMNL7.

Happy grazing everyone!


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