Saturday, 5 March 2011

Review - Bomb Cosmetics

I received this set of bath bombs from Bomb Cosmetics for christmas from my friend. I don't normally go in the bath much as I find it impossible to sit there and relax, a quick shower is much more me!

This box is £9.99 and it contains 5 products: 4 bath blasters and 1 bath mallow

I had never used Bomb products before but I had seen them in quite a lot of shops and they always smell and look lovely. So what did I think? 

Sweet cherry pie bath blaster

Bliss with a kiss bath blaster

Sweet surrender bath blaster

Fresh berry bath blaster

Love buds bath mallow

All bombs smelt lovely and made the water really look really luxurious. Personally I like lots of bubbles and the dried flowers in them were a real pain to clean out of the bath but I would buy them again and use as a treat!

All products are also available to buy individually for about £2.49.

Have you used bomb products before? What did you think?


Sara.H said...

These are so cute! I want them ^^

Karla said...

@Sara.H - They were almost too cute to use! x

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