Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Review - Bon Bon lipbalm

Last year Ellie wrote a post about Bon Bon lipbalm and as I love products which don't contain any nasty artificial ingredients I checked out their website and by chance they were giving away free samples for people to try. There were quite a few different flavours and I chose mint tingle.

I have to admit I was slightly dubious as some mint flavours can taste really fake and sometimes pots of lipbalm can be waxing in texture and feel like they're sitting on the lips.

It look me a while to get into using this but now I use it every night as an intensive lip treatment. I suffer from eczema from time to time around my mouth and need to keep it hydrated to try to prevent outbreaks so I smoother this around my mouth!

Firstly, the flavour. It's the most realistic mint flavour I've used. It's not pepperminty like some lipbalms, it smells like proper mint! Mmmmm! And secondly, the texture. It melts onto your fingers really easy for you to apply and isn't waxy at all.

It leaves my lips feeling lovely and soft and I would buy a full sized pot.

Bon Bon run a club where you pay a monthly fee of £5 and your receive a new lipbalm each month. I think this is a fab idea as you get to try different flavours that you would probably not normally try and they're delivered straight to your door!


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