Thursday, 28 October 2010


On sunday I went shopping with my mum and thought I'd share with you what I bought.

Pandora style necklace and bracelet - £10 each
Earrings - £3.50
The necklace and bracelet are for my mum for christmas

Tumblers - £8 (set of 4)
They are really big tumblers and are good value for the money

Mugs - £7 (set of 4)

Reindeer slippers - £4

White fleece £14
This is so warm, perfect for this chilly weather we're experiencing

Books - 2 for £7
'The christmas cookie club' by Ann Pearlman and 'The book of tomorrow' by Cecelia Ahern.
I've never read any books by either of these authors so thought I'd give these a go

Marks and Spencers
Magnolia fragranced pillows, floral shower gels & matching floral scented talcum powders - £5 each (3 for 2)
These are for my grandma for christmas as she loves thing like this

Polar bear decoration - £2.50 (also on 3 for 2)

I couldn't resist this! He's so cute!

I think this almost finishes my christmas shopping, just have a few more things to get. Are you super organised like me and almost finished your shopping?


ipehishere said...

omgggg Polar bear decoration!!! SOO CUTEE!!

Karla said...

He is super cute! When I saw it I had to buy it! xx

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