Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Recent buys

Hmm the title might not be totally true as I've had these for about a month now but haven't had time to post anything. So the photo shows:
  • Revlon double twist mascara
  • Revlon photo ready foundation
  • L'oreal lash architect carbon gloss mascara
  • L'oreal telescopic explosion mascara
  • L'oreal extra volume collagen waterproof mascara
  • Maxfactor lash extension waterproof mascara
  • L'oreal studio secrets make-up primer
I've been going through a 'mascara' phase hence the 5 in the photo! And also Boots were running a £2 off Revlon and L'oreal voucher which I took advantage of.

So far I've only used 3 of the products: the Revlon mascara, Revlon foundation and the L'oreal make-up primer.

The Revlon double twist mascara I absolutely LOVE! I was a Maxfactor False Lash Effect addict after loving the effect it gave your lashes but in my opinion the Revlon mascara is a million times better. It give length and volume and looks like you have false lashes on and the effect unlike some mascaras lasts all day. I like to apply a coat and let it dry before applying another one over the top. My only bad point about it is that it's rather clumpy.

I bought the Revlon Photo Ready foundation after reading loads of blogs where it got good reviews and thought that I should give it a go. I had never used Revlon foundation before as it's not really a brand that screams "buy me" but I was pleasantly surprised. It gives a natural finish which I like as I don't do the 'caked' look and it has a slight sparkle to it which gives you the photogenic look! I've only used it a few times but I think I'll use it loads more in the summer especially as it has a SPF 20 in it.

Finally is the L'oreal studio secrets male-up primer. I'm not a fan of primers as I don't like putting loads of products on my skin and because I don't normally have time in the morning to do the 'apply, wait for it to dry' routine. I've only used this twice so far and it does leave your skin feeling smooth and soft but I'm not sure that it helped my foundation go on better so I'll have to start using it religiously for a couple of weeks so I can give a fairer review.

Since I last posted I have been on a shopping trip to York and have more products to review but that will have to be another post for another day!


Anonymous said...

You're a mascara girl after my own heart :)I can't wait to hear your full review for the studio secrets primer

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