Sunday, 11 April 2010

L'Occitane - My (not so guilty) secret!

I found out about L'Occitane about five years ago after watching QVC and thought that everything looks so nice but who on earth would pay £27+ for two hand creams???? Well now five years later the answer to that question is me! It's official I'm addicted! I've tried loads of their products: handcream, footcream, body lotion, facial skincare (which I couldn't live without), shower gels, liquid soap and now shampoo and conditioner.

(Photo from QVC

I found these on QVC and they were £27.98 + P&P which ordinarily I would think is ludicrous for a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner but considering on the L'Occitane website it is £22 for 2x250ml and these are 2x500ml which is good value. So when I had my shower this morning they were on the side just screaming for me to try them and wow!

Normally my hair is abit limp and liveless and feels like it hasn't been cleansed but not this time! It feels light, silky, soft, healthy and best of all I can't stop smelling it because it smells of gorgeous verbena! And my mum even said that it didn't look greasy like usual! The fact that it looked greasy before is news to me!

So now I'm thinking who can I give my supply of shampoo and conditioner to so that I can stock up on this verbena hair duo?

But on tuesday I'm going to York and I'm definitely going to make my inevitable trip to the L'Occitane boutique so who know's what I'll come out with (I think of it as a crime if I don't buy at least 1 item!) Will write again with news on all my goodies!


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