Tuesday, 4 May 2010

On my make up table

This is another post I've been meaning to do for a while now but again I haven't had the time.

My make-up table is actually my old computer desk but after I moved I needed a bigger computer desk and a smaller make-up table so I swapped them around.

So here it is:

So what's on it? A lot!
  • My No7 magnifying mirror (which I couldn't live without)
  • GHDs
  • 2x hairbrushes
  • A clock
  • Multi-coloured bangles
  • A basket full of hair products including: hairspray, hair mousse, heat protection spray & heat protection balm
  • A basket of make-up which I don't use daily
  • A mug with make-up brushes in
  • Sure deo
  • Urban decay eyeshadow pallet
  • A selection of Benefit products
  1. Sugabomb
  2. Stay don't stray
  3. Throb
  4. Boiing
  5. Lemonaid
  6. A powder set (cant remember the name)
  7. Powderflage
  • 4x foundation
  • No7 anti-shine make-up base
  • No7 spring eyeshadow pallet
  • No7 mineral highlighter powder
  • L'oreal true match powder
  • L'Occitane moisturiser
  • And much much more!
But I also have my little pink stool with products on too as this week at work we are dressing up as a decade from the 40s right through to the noughties and I'm being the 80s so I have layed my things out ready as I have to be up early in the morning.

Right so on the stool there's:
  • No7 mineral foundation
  • Benefit one hot minute bronzing powder
  • W7 neon yellow eye shadow
  • Collection 2000 gold glam crystals eyeliner
  • Avon bronze lip gloss
  • Revlon double twist mascara
  • Benefit lyin eyes concealer
  • Soap and glory arch de triumph eyeliner pencil
  • FCUK make-up bag
  • Fresh breath spray!
  • And finally a nail file!
Phew! So I think that just about covers everything - oh there is an avon tea tree spot roll on treatment but I'm not going to be wearing that!


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