Thursday, 5 January 2012

Review - Cetaphil cleanser and moisturising lotion

A while ago I was sent a bottle of Cetaphil cleanser and moisturising lotion to try out. I was excited to try them as they had been portrayed as amazing products problem skin.

Cleanser - 250ml £9.18
I liked this product, it was a clear liquid which I used on cotton wool to wipe over my face and then to rinse off. I used this for a few days and then it started to dry my skin out and after working hard to get rid of the eczema patch on my face it returned. I then stopped using it.

Moisturising lotion - 236ml £8.49
I used this for one day and had to stop. It was a light, runny lotion but it just didn't agree with my skin. After applying it my skin felt dry and thirsty and the next day it even looked dry.

Currently I wouldn't repurchase either products but in the summer when my skin is generally problem free I think I'll try them again. I'm interested to hear what everyone else thinks of these? I recently gave 5 of these away in a competition so I hope my five winners are getting on better than I did.

Oh and these are both available from Boots.


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