Sunday, 22 January 2012

Review - Tigi Catwalk straightening blow out balm

I hadn't used any Tigi products before so when I received this mini straightening blow out balm in Octobers Feel Unique beauty box I started using it straight away (no pun intended)!

This is a clear product which has specks of shimmer and glitter to it and you need a small amount to rub into towel dry hair before you blow dry it.

I have used Lee Staffords straightening balm which is a similar product, clear with shimmer in it, but this one does actually make your hair shimmer slightly! My hair was left feeling soft and silky and it didn't feel coated like other products can leave your hair feeling.

The full sized 90ml bottle retails at £10.35 from Feel Unique.


T90Kate said...

I'e juts bought this, can't wait to try it out! Got mine from Hairtrad, they have the whole Catwalk range but quite cheap so if anyone else is wanting to get it but for a little less here's the link! :) x

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