Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Review - Nip + Fab Tummy and Bust Fix

I think you'll all remember the ASOS Groupon that everyone was buying a few months ago, well I bought one too! Actually I bought two, yes I was greedy!

So I had £40 to spend and I headed straight to the beauty section where I picked up these, Nip + Fabs Bust Fix and Tummy Fix.

I used these solidly for a month so have road tested them enough to give you an honest opinion of them. I did take before and after photo's but obviously I'm not going to post those!

Bust Fix - £16.29 for 100ml
I was sceptical about what this would do but I embraced the challenge. Nip + Fab do recommend you use this twice a day but I only used it once a day just before I went to bed. I have to admit I am really impressed with the results. My 'bust area' does seem firmer and more 'perkier' (!) I would definitely repurchase this and recommend it to others.

Tummy Fix - £19.35 (100ml)
This was more expensive than the Bust Fix but I had such high expectations for this. Again it was recommended for use twice a day and again I only used it once before bed. Now I've used it I've discovered that the only thing that will fix my flab is a strict sit up regime! Yes my stomach area felt more moisturised but let's face it, it's not a miracle in a tube. It didn't work for me, when I loose some more weight I'll definitely give it another go to firm up my stomach but I would recommend it to others.

I was that impressed with Nip + Fab I have added more of their products to my product wishlist which can be found under my blog header.

Are you a fan of Nip + Fab? Which products would you recommend? Oh and they can be bought at Boots, ASOS, Nip + Fab and Harvey Nichols.


Lou said...

Kerry, do you get paid to advertise? LOL :o) You so should!! Also...the cake below looks yum!

Just wanted to leave you a little comment to say Hi and that I am looking forward to working with you over at PTD next month! It will be nice to start cardmaking again normally, and not concentrating on wedding preparations 24/7!

Lou x

Lou said...

Sorry Karla, that message above was meant for you...I just read a post by kerry, so it was on the brain! lol

Also have been going through my lovely handmade wedding cards, so wanted to say a personal thank you for the beautiful one you made me.

Lou x

Karla said...

@Lou - Haha that's ok! Glad you like it, hope you had an amazing day! x

kirstyb said...

must get the bust one! i need all the help that I can get x

The Beauty Junkie said...

I tried the tummy fix. Follow my blog and read my review of it:) it's quite a different take than Karla's.

Bestys beauty bits said...

I havent tried this but I was looking at the cellulite cream have you tried that?
your blog is good

Karla said...

@ Bestys beauty bits - no I haven't tried the cellulite one but if you do try it I'd be interested to see what you think x

noelia canabate said...

I tried the tummy fix, they had it at a local drug store for only 7 dollars so i gave it a try and IT WORKS!! Im soooo happy with the results!

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