Thursday, 23 June 2011

Save vs Spurge - Mineral foundations

Mineral foundations, they're popping up everywhere nowadays. For me a mineral foundation shouldn't contain any nasties like parabens but more often than not they do. I've managed to find four which fit this category which also vary in price. These are:

Collection 2000 Perfecting Minerals - £4.99 (15g)
Une 100% Mineral Foundation - £9.99 (4.5g)
Avon Smooth Minerals - £10.50 (6g)
Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation - £12.49 (10g)

Swatches and shades L-R:
Une (M08)
Avon (Shell)
Lily Lolo (Barely Buff)
Sorry no swatch of Collection 2000's as I finished this months ago, luckily kept the pot for product dregs!

Collection 2000's was the first mineral foundation I tried. For the money you can't go wrong and you get alot of product. It covered well, looked natural and but didn't last all day.

I bought the Une foundation more recently and I was shocked at how little product you got compared to others, you get a teeny 4.5g for a tenner. Despite this it gave the best coverage and lasted all day.

Avon ran a promotion a while ago where you gave then an old bottle of foundation and you got a brand new one for £4 so I got their Smooth Minerals powder foundation. This has a slight simmer to it which people always comment on and say how nice it looks. The coverage is really good and lasts all day. The only bad thing is the silly hole the product comes out of. Sort it out Avon!

Lily Lolo only makes mineral make-up products and I love their blushers. Their foundation is the most expensive I've tried but you do get a 10g pot. This is the lightest shade I've got which is probably a tad too light for me after trying darker shades from the other brands. It also gives quite a light coverage but it does last.

Collection 2000, Une and Lily Lolo all have a normal sifter top for getting the product out.

So my final thought....
This is taking into consideration price, amount of product and coverage:
1st place - Avon Smooth Minerals (mid priced product)
2nd place - Collection 2000 Perfecting Minerals (cheapest)
3rd place - Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation (most expensive)
4th place - Une (mid priced product)

Avon won because of the coverage and Une lost because of the whole 4.5g of product. I'll be interest to see how long this lasts compared to the other ones.

Have you tried any mineral foundations, what did you think to them? 


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