Friday, 3 June 2011

Review - White Glo toothpaste

White Glo is a fairly new brand to the UK which is available exclusively to Boots.

White Glo was Australia's fastest selling tooth whitening system when the original formula sold in excess of a million units.

In the UK there are four different toothpastes, each comes with a special toothbrush to use in conjunction with it, including extra strength, coffee and tea drinkers, smokers formulation and the one I bought which was the extra strength whitening toothpaste with 2 in 1 mouthwash.

I only used this once a day at night as I have sensitive teeth so I used my normal toothpaste with my electric toothbrush in the morning.

So here are my teeth before I started using this:

And here they are after:

I have only just noticed the difference in light in the photos but there is that little difference in shades I don't think it really matters.

Before my teeth weren't really stained, they were slightly discoloured so it's good that since using White Glo they haven't got worse but where the main problems are I'll have to go to the dentist for a clean.

I would buy White Glo again as even though there wasn't a dramatic difference I'm still impressed with the results.


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