Saturday, 28 April 2012

Review - L'Oreal Studio Secrets fibre lash primer

Has anyone else noticed that recently there has been a little bit of a boom in products being released that have in fact been out on the market years before? Well anyone remember the white lash fibre type products which were big about 6 years ago? Well L'Oreal have released one of these as a part of their Studio Secrets range.

I loved these products first time round, and yes I'm aware that there are still a few of these being sold now where you get the white primer and the mascara in one. My favourite product was by Bourjois and I was really sad when it then was discontiued but I never really looked for others until I stumbled upon this little beauty from L'Oreal.

You just get the white lash fibres, which act as false lashes to give maximum volume and length, as you can team it with your favourite mascara. The brush is the same as a normal mascara one and you just apply to your lashes before mascara.

(Left eye with the primer, right eye without) 

Once applied you wait for it to dry before applying your favourite mascara.

(Left eye with primer and mascara, right eye without)

You have to make sure you give a good coat of mascara as you don't want patches of white showing through!

(Both eyes with lash primer and mascara)

As you compare the photos I think you'll agree that the lash primer does add length and volume to lashes and then when mascara is applied you end up with amazing looking lashes!

The lash primer is available from Boots in the L'Oreal Studio Secrets range for £10.29.

Oh and I used Maxfactor False Lash Effect mascara and my eyeshadow is from the MUA Glitter Ball palette. 


Charli said...

I used to use the Bourjois mascara, although I'm not sure if I would buy this as I would probably forget to use it. Your lashes look lovely though xx

city said...

nice opinion.. thanks for sharing..

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