Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My make up storage

On my popular posts gadget which is over there >>> I saw that a post on my make up storage was quite popular, as this was from 2010 I thought maybe it was time to show you where I now store my products. 

As I no longer live in my own house I don't have anywhere near as much space I have used two shelves in my wardrobe to hide everything away.

I use my Sanctuary box from a Boots christmas offer of the week from 2010 and my Gok Wan drawer set from christmas 2011 to gold all my products in. They're great as you can separate products up and they're easy to find if you have to get ready in  rush like me. 

So what's in the drawers?

The bottom drawer in the Sanctuary unit holds all my blushers.

In the middle drawer are my eyeshadow palettes.

The top left hand drawer holds products that I don't use that often. The spoon is for when I mix mica powders with water in case you're wondering! The right hand drawer has my everyday products.

The bottom two drawers in my Gok unit  hold mascaras and eye pencils.

The middle two drawers hold lipsticks and in the right drawer it is a mixture of new products and odd single products.

The top two drawers hold new products that haven't been opened yet. As you can see I don't think I need to buy anymore products for a while! 

On top of these I have a few everyday products that need to be stood up so I have primers and foundations.

If anyone is struggling with their make-up storage I would highly recommend you track down some drawer units like these because they are so functional and it makes your life so much easier in the mornings when you're rushing about trying to get ready to go to work, school or uni.

How do you store your make up?


Nicole - Top To Toe said...

Good storage ideas, I have something similar to the Sanctury box you have and that does the job fine. x

Karla said...

@nicole - I've just bought another box similar to the sanctuary one beacuse they are so handy. Perfect size and everything! X

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