Sunday, 1 April 2012

The month that was - March

March feels like it's gone on forever! Unfortunately due to lack of funds I think April will too :-( Talking of funds I emptied my piggy bank and didn't expect to find much in it but I started saving all my £2 coins and when I counted them I have £34 in £2 coins! I'm definitely going to continue saving them.

This month I've been using up the remainder of my annual leave and one week despite having a day off I still worked 33 hours, I was super tired at the end of it and my boss said I looked shattered! 

My friend also had her baby, a little boy that she named Archie!

I also bought some size 16 clothes for the first time in ages and they fit! And sadly I lost a wheel trim on my car and even though my dad went back to try to find it it looks like someone beat him to it because it wasn't there :-(

I took my mum out for lunch at McDonalds and we started collecting the Monopoly stickers, haven't won anything so far except a free McFlurry! 

And it was the start of The Voice last weekend and I loved it. It was nice to have a different concept of talent show. What did you think of it?

Also a bit random but something that is REALLY annoying me is people, mainly men in vans, thinking it's ok to take the right hand lane at a roundabout to take the second exit. Just be patient and wait like the rest of us! 

So that was my March, hope you had a good month!


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