Friday, 12 October 2012

Review - Charles Worthington Front Row dry conditioner

I think we all know about dry shampoo and how amazing it is but what about dry conditioner. I suppose it makes sense to have a dry conditioner to use after dry shampooing just like we would when washing out hair with normal shampoo and conditioner.

I've had Charles Worthington's Dry Conditioner for a while but it's just been sitting in my cupboard until a couple of weeks ago when I sorted though my products and decided it was about time I started to use it.

Instructions were simple enough: use after dry shampooing. As I dry shampoo in between washes it would fit into my routine perfectly.

My first impression of this was high strongly perfumed it was. It smelt like really strong aftershave which at first was quite pleasant and then it just gave me a headache.

The product itself did make my hair a little greasy, after using this can up I don't think I'll repurchase and I'll just stick to dry shampooing on it's own.

I can only find the mini 100ml version of this on Boot's website and it is prices at £2.55.

Have your used a dry conditioner? What did you think?


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