Monday, 15 October 2012

Umberto Giannini Morning After Dry Shampoo

I nearly use Batiste dry shampoo, out of all the ones I've tried it has always been consistent and I love the different scents and varieties. I'm not exactly sure when I bought this Umberto Giannini Morning After Dry Shampoo which is a sign I should probably use it!

Like most dry shampoo's when you spray it is a fine white powder but it doesn't really have a scent. I kind of like this about it as it's perfect for people who don't really like fragranced products.

It left my hair feeling refreshed but it doesn't really do anything that Batiste dry shampoo doesn't and as this is alot more expensive at £5.61 (available from Boots) I don't think I would buy it again as the cheaper alternative works just as well.

Which dry shampoo would you recommend?


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