Monday, 19 November 2012

Review - EOS lip balm

I got this EOS lip balm a few months ago and have been testing it out on and off since then.

The balm comes in a variety of different flavours and I chose the summer fruits one.

Unlike other balms this one is spherical in shape and you don't have to twist it up as you simply screw off the lid and there it is.

I found this balm not as moisturising as others I've tried and isn't one of my favourites, maybe in the summer when my skin isn't quite so dry and isn't in need of such an intensive moisture boost this will be a good product for me to use.

Have you used EOS balms before, what did you think?


Sharina said...

I love the EOS lip balms!!

The Misty Mom

Sharina said...

Followed u btw!

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