Sunday, 13 January 2013

Baylis & Harding Sweet Gingerbread shower cream

Baylis & Harding is such an affordable brand which gives great results! At christmas I was really excited to see some limited edition scents similar to what Philosophy bring out for the holidays, one of these was the Sweet Gingerbread shower cream.

This was £5 for a 250ml bottle which is reasonable compared to around £14 for a Philosophy shower gel! I couldn't wait to try this out as I had really high hopes for it but unfortunately I was left bitterly disappointed. 

The scent was synthetic and it smelt a little off. I expected a strong ginger scent which lingered in the bathroom but instead I got a weak smell which didn't smell of gingerbread at all.

I used this twice and both times I got the same result.

What makes things worse is that I've got 2 bottle of this to use up, I've decided to use it when soaking my feet so it won't go to waste.

Did you try this at christmas? What did you think? 


Just me, Leah said...

Oh that's a shame. I wanted to buy some of this but I'm glad I didn't now. xx

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