Friday, 4 January 2013

Review - Bourjois brush concealer

I'm not a big fan of brush on concealers after doing my little blog post on how uneconomical they are way back in January 2011, read that one here.

But one thing that did sway me with this one was that it was free! You can't turn down a freebie can you? I didn't expect too much from it but I actually really like it.

The formation is quite thick and gives good coverage. The colour is a little dark for me but when I use with a certain foundation I have it works perfectly.

It also had staying power, I didn't have to reapply and it really did banish my dark circles.

I couldn't find a price for this online which does make me think it may be discontinued but if it is I'm sure you'll be able to find it in a discount cosmetic store but I'd have thought it would be around £8.


Nardine Fayek said...

ohh i picked up one of these in my local poundworld but sadly it wasnt my colour so couldnt use it...... but it is a fab little thing and i use it as a eyeshadow base :) great blog by the way xxx

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