Monday, 14 January 2013

Sale hauling!

I had planned on posting this around new year but as some of you may know I ended up with Norovirus and could hardly walk let alone blog so I'm now catching up on blogging!

This is just a quick post to show what I picked up in the sales, some prices I can't remember due to buying them so long ago but I'll try my best! 

 New Look
Studded shoes - £5
Gem shoes - £9

Glitter slippers - £7
Brown bow shoes - £9

Pistachio cross over bag - £12.50
Cath Kidston luggage set - £7
POP eyeshadow palettes - £10.50 each
River Island pegasus pendant - £7.50
Fekkai shea butter hair treatment - £9 (was over £30 originally!)

I will review these once I've tried them out properly.

Clinton Cards
Cherries in Snow medium jar candle - £8.49 (I did want a few of these but this was the only one left)

500ml Snow Fairy shower gels - £5

Stitch bedding - £30

Knee length boots - £20

Pauls Boutique bag - £44
I also had a giftcard which had £16 left on it so this was a real bargain as it was originally £66

Benefit Crescent Row perfumes
Ralph Lauren Big Pony perfumes
Both of these were around £19.99

Watercolour butterfly duvet set - £34

Philosopy shower gels - £7
Nip & Fab set - around £12.50

Not pictured:
Fogarty duck feather pillows - £20 (was £40)
Snuggledown luxury springbuck duvet - £36 (was £120) 

I did order a few more Philosophy products but when my order was dispatched I got an email saying they were now out of stock. Slightly annoying as there were lots of different shower gels I could have got instead. Also when my Debenhams order arrived two of the packages were open as the bags hadn't been sealed properly.

So that's my huge sale haul! I still have a few things from Next on their way but I was really happy with what I picked up and it was all done online so I didn't even have to brave the sale shoppers!

Link me to your sale hauls and I'll check them out!


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