Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Maybelline Fit Me cosmetics

The new Maybelline Fit Me cosmetic range is Maybellines first customised make up system which contains no wax or fillers and the foundation is a gel based formulation.

The range is meant to make it easy to chose a foundation and a corresponding powder and concealer to match up.

My local Boots store didn't have too many shades so I picked a foundation in a shade closest to what I used in Rimmel ones but it is still a little too dark for me.

I have to admit I did chose the concealer and powder myself and didn't get what Maybelline recommended and they are much better suited to my skin colour. 

The powder is light weight but gives great coverage and the concealer isn't as heavy as I'd like. I'd maybe use my referred concealer first and then use this one to reapply but I would use this one on it's own.

Overall I do like this range, the formulations are good, even though the concealer could be a little thicker in consistency but everything is workable.

Have you tried this range? What did you think?

The foundation is £7.99 and the power and concealer are both £5.99. I find it a little hard to believe that you get so much more product in the foundation for just a couple of pounds more, I would have expected it to be around the £10 mark but I'm not going to complain!


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