Monday, 31 December 2012

The year that was...2012

2012. Not much has changed this year. I am still living back at home and still have too many toiletries. The only mega change happened back in June when I left my job and was unemployed for 5 weeks before getting my current job which is doing admin for a telesales company in the town that I live in. The 5 minute commute is much better than the old hour and half one.

2012 goals and aims
Last year I set myself a few goals to complete during 2012, so did I actually complete them?

  • Complete as many Day Zero goals as possible - Last year I completed 6 goals and this year I have finished a grand total of 22 goals! I have now also finished my 101 goals so this coming year I will crack on with completing them
  • Go on holiday - this didn't happen but I did book a holiday for March 2013
  • Save 10% of my wages - I did start really well with this one but when I left my job it threw me off course a little but I am getting back on to saving in 2013
  • Keep losing weight - Nope, but I didn't put any on!
  • Start crafting again - Nope, did even less than last year! But I do still dabble when I have a specific project to do
  • Paint my nails at least twice a month - YES! I did this one religiously and here is the proof!

A few photos from the last year

 Pop Tarts in Januay
Snow in February

 Sunrise and emptying my piggy bank in March

Rainy day in April
Jubilee goodies in June

Kopparberg Cider in June
Redecorating in August

Handmade Burger Company in October
Festive Costa Coffee in December

Goals for 2013
I have a few goals which I want to work towards and achieve during 2013 including:
  • Saving some of my wages every month
  • Wear nail polish at least twice a month
  • Complete 20 Day Zero goals by June
  • Cut my toiletries stash in half by the end of the year
  • Exercise regularly 

I hope you'll all continue reading Beauty and Beyond in 2013 and I hope you all have a great new year :-)


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