Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Month that was....November

I literally can't believe that this is the last month that was post of 2012, my next post will be a yearly round up. Seriously where has 2012 gone?

Well November has been mainly plagued by me being ill :-( I had such a bad cold which I had to take nearly 4 days off work to try to recover from but I still have a bad cough and still feel a little bit bleurgh,  especially as I don't get paid for being off work sick so my wages were down which is really what you want the month before christmas, ahh well.

I also got contact lenses. I'd been wearing my glasses more and had started to realised just how bad my eye sight was so decided to try lenses out. I had a weeks trial before committing to anything and really liked them so I'm now a permanent wearer.

My car also failed it's MOT and it was for something I didn't think it would fail on. The two things which I thought might make it fail passed which is a little annoying but never mind.

I also had a few days off for annual leave so spent some of my time watching old films that I'd never seen before and I've been missing out. I watched The Day After Tomorrow and Dear John and they were such good films.

And finally I booked tickets to see Bill Bailey next year! These are for my dad for his birthday but I'm really excited and we have quite good seats. So that's 3 gigs booked for next year so far! Oh if you don't know who Bill Bailey is he's a comedian and looks like this:

Oh and he's very very funny!

One last thing, I've also literally just finished my christmas shopping, just got foodie bits to buy but all my presents have been bought. I normally buy myself something but instead have decided to get a few things in the sales instead as I don't really want anything at the moment. How's your Christmas shopping going, have you finished yet?


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