Monday, 1 July 2013

The Month That Was....June

June has been a pretty hectic month ending with my 25th birthday (but I'm telling people I'm 21! Yes I'm in denial!)

My birthday celebrations started with a night out with my friend Emma which included cocktails at the Hilton, very posh!

From there I then had a couple of days away in York with my mum which included a lot of shopping and a trip on the York Wheel, kind of like the London Eye just smaller. Much smaller!

We also brought home some yummy cakes from Patisserie Valerie which were amazing!

The day after I got back from York I was off to Leeds which my friend Laura. This also included a lot of shopping and a lot of food! We went to Red Hot Buffet World which was the most amazing place ever! We tried everything except for American and English food but for me the highlight was the creme brûlée, it was that good I had 3!

The day we were coming home we decided to go to TGI Friday's as we both hadn't been before but there was a problem with our order as it didn't get sent from the till to the kitchen so after waiting an hour we finally got our food and the very nice manager said it was on him so all we paid for was dessert! And we got to try a brand new cocktail for free and we were the first customers to try it!

The food was amazing and we would go again, especially if the whole meal cost us just over £5 each! Don't think that will happen again!

Our view from the hotel was pretty good. We were on the 6th floor and had really good views, we spent most of the time sat in the window people watching!

Whilst people watching we listened to CD's which were on the hotel TV and discovered a new band called Pooh! We had fun translating the song titles (they were in Italian) and making a story out of them!

That was pretty much my month. I will be posting some hauls up soon but this will probably be next weekend as I need to work out the best way to post them, maybe two or three different posts.

Anyways hope you had a good June!


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