Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Boots christmas gifts!

So with it being only 2 months and 26 days until christmas (I feel like a kid as I'm excited already!) I thought I'd show you what I'm eyeing up out of the christmas range from Boots. I love getting my christmas prezzies from Boots as I love their 3 for 2 offer.

1. Cake tin set (£12 for 3)

2. FCUK charm tote bag (£45)

3. Gorjuss 2011 diary (£5)

4. Fairtrade coffee giftset (£12)

5. Fairtrade hot chocolate giftset (£12)

6. fairtrade tea giftset (£12)

And for gifts for people.....

7. Mikocat jewellery box - £8 (for Chris's niece)

8. Pipi Max - £25 (for Chris's other niece)

9. Stacking tea set - £18 (for my grandma)

Have you had a look in store or online? What's caught your eye?


Pinkhair said...

Oh i so need that stackable tea set and handbag..btw...i always go to boots boxing day and they have half price sale on the xmas stuff..i love it..i save up money for then instead of buying for myself for xmas..xxx

Karla said...

@Pinkhair - on their website on xmas eve they half price their stuff so I normally stock up on goodies then but last year they hardly had anything. They have sooo much good stuff this year and different brands which is always good! xx

Olivia said...

I was in Boots today and saw all the xmas products. I want so many ha ha! Like above, I always go after xmas and get things for half price! Can't wait to this year :) Thanks for your comment on my blog too btw, cheered me up! :) xx

Karla said...

@Olivia - that's ok, anytime! xx

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