Monday, 6 September 2010

Lily Lolo mineral cosmetics

I'd heard a lot about Lily Lolo from reading other beauty blogs and everyone seemed to rave about how good the products so I thought I'd check out their website. Their products are free from parabens, synthetic dyes and fragrances, petrochemicals and other nasty things which means that their products are super good for your skin and body!

(Image from Lily Lolo Twitter)

The worst thing about trying make-up, especially where you can't use a tester, is trying to find the right shade because the colours on the computer aren't necessarily the colours which the products are but Lily Lolo make it quite easy to choose. Their products are divided up into light, medium and dark shades and what's even better is that they have a description to go with each shade explaining which skin tone it would look great on.

But, it gets better! They also offer sample sizes of their foundation, powder, concealer, bronzers and blushers so you can try before making the big purchase and at 75p - £1.25 you can afford to buy quite a few!

So I have my wish list:
Finishing powder
•Flawless Matte

Light foundation
•Candy Cane

•South Beach

•Blush Away
•Nude Cover Up
•Peep O

•Peachy Pink
•Ooh La La
•Rosey Apple
•Doll Face

Oh and postage starts from £1! Bargain!

Has anyone tried Lily Lolo products? What do you think?


nicoletta said...

I love the wakiki bronzer its gorgeous xx

Karla said...

I've only just got into bronzers because I was scared of looking orange or fake but this looks a nice shade. Roll on payday! xx

Christine said...

thank you for being a part of my giveaway :)

xoxo Christine

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