Sunday, 18 March 2012

Day Zero Project - Take a photo everyday for a month: week one

As a part of my Day Zero Project everyday in March I am taking a photo to show what I've been up to and doing. Here is week one of photos.

1st March - Packing 

2nd March - Baking cupcakes 

3rd March - Shopping goodies 

 4th March - This is supposed to show you it snowing but it doesn't!

5th March - Eating mini eggs in bed 

6th March - Eating a banoffee sundae in bed 

7th March - Buying a size 16 item of clothing and it fitting for the first time in years!

Week two's photo's will be up next weekend!


Magickafoot said...

well done on your size 16 achievement! So much easier to put the weight on than get it off.

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