Monday, 26 March 2012

My month spending ban!

I went on a spending ban in January and it went quite well but I have decided after spending loads of money the past two months that I would go on another.

As I got paid today I have decided that from today, 26th March, to the 25th April I am going on another. Also as I had to take two and half days off work unpaid I have less money than usual to play with I am gong to be strict this month:

- No buying snacks at work
- Allowed to buy lunch at work once
- No luxury spending e.g. clothes, make up etc.
- Only buy necessities when food shopping

I am going on two nights out this month but only one I am drinking so I shouldn't spend too much money. Hopefully!

I also emptied my piggy bank and found that I had saved a massive £34 in £2 coins! This is much better than the normal couple of quid saved in coppers.

I am also going to try to sell some of my cards on eBay again when it's free listing weekend and yes I am aware that I have just missed one!

I'll post an update on how I've done after the 25th April, wish me luck!

Oh and if you want to try to save some money yourself I posted my money saving tips here.


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