Saturday, 24 March 2012

Comparison: No7 Cleanse and Care make up remover and No7 Beautiful Skin make up remover

A few weeks ago No7 relaunched some of their skincare ranges as 'Beautiful Skin'. As it's a relaunch you would expect the product formulas to be the same but just different packaging. As I had a £5 off No7 voucher burning a hole in my purse I thought I would try their 'new' Beautiful Skin Eye Make Up Remover.

At first glance it looks the same, a slight different shade of blue and a different bottle but no other obvious change.

I have been a fan of the No7 Cleanse and Care eye make up remover for years, in fact I have about 6 of the old bottles in my stash of products but I'm not sure if they had slightly changed the formulation over the years because the most recent bottles I had didn't seem to remover mascara as well. I know No7 have sneakily changed the formulation to one of my other favourite products without telling customers.

On my first glance to the ingrediants on the new bottle I was somewhat shocked at how few there were. I was sure that the old bottle had lots more and when I got home and checked I was right. The old one contained a whole seven paraben ingredients whereas the new only contains one! In my eyes this is win-win! So yes the formulation must have changed but would this impact on the result? Well in all honesty I prefer the new formulation, it removed all traces of my mascara and was gentle on my eyes.

Another notable difference is the change from a pump bottle to the open top bottle. Personally I prefer the pump top and I know some people moan saying they can't get the dregs out but I used to screw off the top and use it that way, simple! An open bottle runs the risk of accidental and unnecessary spillage and at £7.75 a bottle this wouldn't go down well!

Overall I can get over the new bottle not having a pump top as the formulation improvement gets my vote! I'm glad that No7 have reduced the paraben content and I would buy this again with the £5 off voucher as it only costs a grand total of £2.75!

Have you tried this yet? How do you think it compares to old version?


suzy said...

Ah I didn't realise the formula had changed. I still have loads of an old bottle to use up before I try my new one. Hopefully I will like the newer one better too! x

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