Thursday, 1 March 2012

The month that was - February

This month has gone by so fast, can't believe it's March already. So what has happened in February?

Well, at christmas I bought a tin of Fox's biscuits which when opened were all soft and a bit nasty so I complained and got sent £10 worth of vouchers! So off I trotted to spend them and this is what £10 worth of biscuits looks like:

Needless to say I won't be buying any for a while!

I also bought two of the new Kit Kat chunky's which were both amazing and I tried the new orange Aero bubbles, also very scrummy!

And of course it snowed :-( which I hated.

My friend is also due to have her baby soon so as I had been gathering bits and bobs for her for a few months now I decided to try to organise it all in a basket to give to her. I forgot to take a photo of the finish basket but it did look loads better that this photo when I was trying to get it all together!

What I had for tea one day: a banana milkshake, pop tarts and a pack of piri piri chicken crisps! 

And finally I started burning my Cookies & Cream Yankee Candle which is a USA exclusive and it's AMAZING! It smells so good!

Oh and I also had a job interview yesterday so fingers crossed for that one!

Hope you all had a great month!


G A B Y said...

I'm currently eating Pop Tarts LOL! Hmmm that candle must smell soooooo yummy! It's a shame we never get those new range of chocolate bars here in Canada ):

Karla said...

I hadn't had pop tarts for years until recently, they are so good! And the candle smells amazing x

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