Friday, 2 March 2012

W7 powder update

Way back in October last year I blogged about Benefit powder dupes by W7 and questioned how long it would take before I hit pan considering the Benefit boxes took 2 years to use up. 

So after using the W7 Africa highlighter several times a week since October it has taken 5 months to hit pan.

This is a much shorter time than the more expensive Benefit powders but for the £2.99 price you can afford for this to happen, all in all I'm still impressed with these dupes!


G A B Y said...

Oh wow, I don't think I have EVER hit pan on any of my poweder products!

Karla said...

Haha no it very rarely happens! X

Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty good that the colour goes all the way through and isn't screen printed.

Remember a few seasons ago that MAC Tartan Tales didn't have the colour going all the way through? Everyone had a fit because they paid so much for it. I think 5 months is a long time!

Karla said...

Yeah it is quite a long time. One thing I didn't say is that there is still loads of dark brown powder left, it hasn't really gone down :-/

Kumiko Mae said...

omgoodness it's sooo beautiful!!!

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