Monday, 2 August 2010

Clothes haul

I'm on a spending ban as I'm trying to pay off my debts to bank of mum and dad but New Look and Peacocks had a sale on so I thought I'd nip in for a quick look! And for a few quick purchases!

First up from New Look are a pair of grey 3/4 length shorts which should have been £18 but were reduced to £9 and a turquoise top which had been reduced from £4 to £2.

Two pairs of shorts which were half price at £3. These are for PJ bottoms.

From Peacocks I got this beach cover up which was £5. I'm not going on holiday but I'm going to Centre Parks next year for my friends hen party so I'll need something for when we go to the pool and this does look nice with a vest under it so it's not just for the beach!

Finally is a tankini. This is for Centre Parks and the top is from Peacocks and the bottoms which have a skirt over the top (good for my chubby thighs!) is from a shop called Store 21. Both were £5. I know they don't match but the top covers the top of the skirt so you can't see the flower pattern, not that it would matter anyway.


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