Friday, 27 August 2010

30 day challenge - Days 15 - 19

Ok, I started this challenge absolutely ages ago so I'm going to speed my way through it so I've at least finished it. So this post is featuring days 15 - 19.

Day 15 - Fanfic

I’m not really into all this fan fiction stuff so I’m going to be naughty and skip this!

Day 16 - A song that makes you cry (or nearly)

Ooo this one’s hard. I don’t think there is a song which makes me want to cry but one song which is really inspirational to me is Proud by Heather Small.

Day 17 - An art piece

I’m not really into art, wasn’t good at it at school so had no interest in it but I do quite like Starry Night by Van Gogh.

(Image from:

The way he sky has been painted looks mesmerizing but also mysterious with the hills in the background and the little quaint houses and church in front of them.

Below is a modernised version of the painting where the cute little houses have changed into skyscrapers and modern buildings.

(Image from:

Day 18 - Whatever tickles your fancy

Ok so I'm going to share 5 random facts about me with you:

  • I love to look through people's photo's on Facebook regardless of whether I know them or not
  • If I had to go a day without being sarcastic I think it would kill me
  • My favourite film used to be A Knights Tale with Heath Ledger. I watched my video so much it broke and I had to get it on DVD
  • I'm an only child and I slightly suffer from only child syndrome (e.g. I don't like sharing!)
  • My boyfriend's nickname for me is Mooney! And I HATE it! Especially now his friends call me it too!

Day 19 - A talent of yours

Maybe it isn't really a talent but I'm quite good painting nails and doing other peoples for them.

I'll be finishing off this challenge in the nest week or so. This was types up really quickly so I apologise for any typo's or sentences which don't make sense!


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