Friday, 13 August 2010

Four things.....

This is just a little fun thing I'm going to do. I've got some posts to put up over the next couple of weeks so I'm going to type them up over the weekend ready for posting.

4 things in my handbag
  • House keys
  • Phone
  • Purse
  • Work keys

4 things in my purse
  • Money
  • Credit/debit card
  • Plasters (for sore feet!)
  • Loyalty cards

4 things in my room
  • Bed
  • TV
  • Clothes
  • Candles

4 things I want to do
  • Pay off my debts :-(
  • Go on holiday
  • Go on a big shopping spree to get decent house stuff (never going to happen!)
  • Buy a house (also never going to happen!)

4 things you don't know about me
  • I've been with my boyfriend for 4 (long!) years
  • I have a degree in health
  • I'm an only child
  • I am very selfish (surely it's not that bad if I know that I am?!?)

4 songs I can't get out of my head
  • The one off the 5 Alive advert with the singing dodo - it's sooooo catchy!
  • Basshunter - Saturday
  • Yolanda Be Cool - We no speak Americano (god I hate this song but it get's stuck in my head)
  • I don't know what it's called but it's got wolf whistle's in it! I've been trying to find it on itunes but with no luck


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