Monday, 30 August 2010

I ♥ Next

To me Next always seemed the kind of shop women in their 30's went to to buy their clothes and it was quite expensive. I still had that perception until about 2 months ago when I borrowed a friends Next Directory.

So hers was the Home one but I liked sooo much stuff in it and it wasn't that expensive and I ended up with a few things.

Then another friend of mine gave me the whole Next directory which she didn't want and there was so much stuff I liked. I bought a few things (haul to follow soon) and I came up with a wishlist.

Stripe top - £18

Scarf/hood - £20
I think this is so cute and is ideal when your coat doesn't have a hood.

Ruffle dress - £35

Parka - £55
(Images from: Next)

I think I'm going to get the scarf/hood and the stripy top at the end of next month - fingers crossed they'll still be in stock!


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