Tuesday, 31 August 2010

30 day challenge - Days 25 - 30

Day 25 - Describe your day

Well today I took my mum back to Ikea at Nottingham because she had to swap a drawer front which was cut wrong. So we spent the day at Ikea and in the shopping complex opposite which has a Next so a haul post is coming up soon!

Day 26 - Describe your week

Tuesday - I was working all day

Wednesday - Working, again!

Thursday - Day off so I did all my housework, and believe me there was alot!

Friday - Working

Saturday - Working

Sunday - Lazy day, did some blogging and watched some films

Bank holiday monday- Again a lazy day but my mum and dad were coming round for tea so it was kind of a family day!

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Day 27 - Describe your month

Soooo August has been a boring month. I’ve been working lots so I haven’t been doing fun stuff! I’ve been to Ikea 3 times, been making up for the fact that I haven’t been for 2-3 years! So overall a boring month!

Day 28 - Describe your year

This year (from September 2009 - September 2010) has been the year where I’ve made the transition from student to proper grown up adult!

I finished uni last April and graduated in June so this last year has involved lots and lots of job searching and application forms and unfortunately lots and lots of rejections, I did have 2 job interviews though. But I didn’t get them :-( But back to the beginning......

So in Sept 2009 I had 2 jobs, I was working 4 hours a week for one company and I worked sundays for another. I wasn’t happy with my 4 hour job and decided to leave in October when I got offered the chance to stop working sundays and work 15 hours in the week instead at my sunday job which I took. But as it was also coming up to christmas I got 15 hours extra for 3 months too which meant I would be earning lots of pennies. I would have got lots of extra hours at my other job if I had stayed on there but you hardly ever got your full dinner break, the customers were rude, you were tripping over each other as there wasn’t room to swing a cat and one particular colleague seem to get very mardy and bitchy when working at xmas and I felt that I couldn’t do anything right so I left! And haven’t looked back since.

Then on 21st December my dad had a heart attack. Me and Chris raced to Sheffield where he had been transferred and at 1am in the freezing cold it wasn’t the most pleasant experiences. When we got there we had to buzz security to let us in and then we got stuck in the worlds smallest corridor as all the doors were locked and controlled by buttons on the outside so we had to open a fire exit and enter again via another! Everything was OK in the end, my dad had his operation and we left at 4 am. My dad came out of hospital on xmas eve but my grandma who was also in hospital after having an operation because she had cancer came out on xmas day. Thankfully they are now both ok!

So onto 2010. In February me and Chris moved house. We were living in a flat near the center of town and needless to say at weekends it was very noisy. We found a house just outside of town with a garage and little garden so we moved in on the 22nd February.

June was my 22nd birthday. I didn’t do much, just had my friend round and we watched TV and I made us a bit of lunch and then me and Chris went out with my mum and dad for tea. Also in June I sold my first car :-( it was getting old and needed abit of work doing to it so it made sense to sell it before my insurance needed renewing. So I sold it on thursday, saw a new car that night and Chris went and bought it for my friday afternoon!

Since then nothing much has happened. Oh no wait something has happened the amount of jobs to apply for has been reduced to a big fat zero so it looks like I’m going to be stuck doing the same one for a while longer!

Day 29 - Hopes, dreams and plans for the next year

So for the next year I hope and plan to:

  • Pay off my debts
  • Finally buy a headboard for our bed!
  • Go on holiday somewhere (even the UK would be fine)
  • Finally get a job related to my degree!

Next year I am:

  • Going on my first hen weekend! Sooo excited! (and this doesn’t class as my holiday!)
  • Being a bridesmaid for the 3rd time
  • Save some money and start being more money savvy

Day 30 - Whatever tickles your fancy

Tomorrow I'm launching another blog giveaway so check back tomorrow evening for more details!


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