Monday, 6 December 2010

Weather moan

Snow, ice, freezing fog, severe frost, freezing temperatures. Things aren't getting better, they're getting worse.

I made the BF shift his car so I could get mine out and braved driving for the first time yesterday and as long as you go steady it's ok and actually safer than walking on sheets of ice (or more commonly known as pavements).

One thing I hate about driving in this weather is the fact that it takes about 10 minutes to defrost my car in the morning once I've melted the ice which is freezing the door shut and then having to do the same at work when I want to come home. Not good.

When I left work at 5pm it was -11 degrees and temperatures aren't going to improve until thursday and boy do I hope that they will. Snow and the cold temperatures I can cope with but...


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