Wednesday, 1 December 2010

One snowy day....

I had to go to work today, the joys of being the keyholder, and after deciding yesterday there was no way I was getting the car out I prepared for my trek into town. So at 5.45am I got up and was started walking to meet my friend at 6.30. I didn't expect the snow to be so deep, it went over my snow boots up to my knees! At 7.30 we reached work. On the way I took some photos of the snowy scene so here they are:

My back garden

Snow up the garage side door

Down the high street into my village

Another one down the high street

Next to the river heading towards the bridge near my friends house

One of the main cross roads in town, you can just see an Asda lorry on the right which had been stuck there since 3am!

Heading towards the town centre

Trees over the canal bridge

Walking back home up the high street in my village. I took up walking in the road, was far easier than tackling the pavement

The view up my street

Outside our bedroom window over looking the conservatory and back garden.
Need to try to knock some of the snow off tomorrow to take some of the weight off

Snow on ours and next door drive/garage. On tuesday my car was almost clear of snow and this is what fell yesterday and today. You can just about see the top of my aerial poking out of the snow on my cars roof!

Well I'm meant to be at work tomorrow doing an extra shift but I'm not going in. Saving myself for the trek on friday, saturday and sunday! And monday and tuesday!

How's the weather where you are? Have you had a snow day?


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