Thursday, 16 December 2010

My first award!

I've been awarded a Stylish Blogger Award from Donna who runs the PTD blog.

This is my first award so am really shock to have been given it, especially as I've been neglecting my crafting blog lately.

Once Awarded this award you are supposed to:
  • Thank and link back who awarded you this award
  • Share 8 things about yourself
  • Pay it forward to 4 other Bloggers
  • Contact them bloggers and tell them about their award

8 things about me:
  1. My nickname is Mooney which was given to me by my lovely boyfriend
  2. I'd love a dog, in particular a Westie, I think they're so cute
  3. I love baking and cooking
  4. I'm an organisational freak! I have lists for everything and everything is filed away nice and neatly
  5. I have a degree in Health Studies but I currently work in retail
  6. I'm an only child and have a mild form of only child syndrome!
  7. I have a slight addiction to cherry coke which isn't good for the teeth
  8. And I will one day own a Fiat 500 who I will call Daisy!
This was awarded to me on my crafting blog but I'm going to post it on here and forward it onto beauty bloggers. And I have chosen:

  1. Olivia
  2. Sherrie
  3. Lou
  4. Sabrina
I've chosen these bloggers because I love reading their posts and they are really inspirational!

This is unlike myself who has been a bad blogger BUT I have lots and lots of posts coming up so I will be dedicating a whole day to blogging to try to redeem myself!


Sherrie said...

Thanks hunnie this had brightened up my day ;)x

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