Monday, 13 December 2010

The week that was....

Sorry that this post is a little late this week but I've been super busy.

So, the snow/ice is melting....slowly. My street is just like a sheet of ice, it's loose so if the council got a digger and scooped it up the problem would be gone but nooooo! And apparently it's all coming back at the end of this week. Great. Hense the photo below (which was borrowed from weheartit):

But I've been at work all this week and it's been so busy. Absolute madness!

Also the BF has been away, he's gone to Belgium to see his mum so he's either coming back tonight or tomorrow, I'm not sure. And his phone doesn't work abroad because it's rubbish! Well his network is not his phone!

I've put my christmas tree up and wrapped all my presents so all I need now is a few more foodie bits and then I'm done!

Are you all organised for christmas?


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