Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Save vs Splurge - Eyeliner pencils

This is the first of a new set of blog posts which I'm going to so which will try to find out whether cheaper products are better than splurging on more expensive ones.

There are so many different eye pencils on the market these days and they all vary in price. Some are a couple of quid and others are nearer £10. So why spend more money on one when you can get one for under half the price? I’ve got 3 eyeliners (all near enough the same colour) which vary in price £3.99, £4.25 and £7.75 so I aim to answer this question. And is the old proverb “you get what you pay for” true?


  • First is the cheapest option. 17’s Metallic eyes pencil in green. This is £3.99 and available from Boots.
  • Second is Bourjois’s intense waterproof metallic eye pencil. I believe this is £4.25. This is available from Boots but I can’t find it on their website.
  • Finally is No7’s metallic eyes pencil in green. This is £7.75, so the priciest, and is also available from Boots.

Apologies that the eyeliners in the photo aren’t in the correct order. (Top: 17, Middle: No7, Bottom: Bourjois). They will follow this order in the next 3 photos.

I did a simple test to show the difference in quality but I have also worn all these quite alot so will tell you what I think at the end.

To test them I drew each eyeliner onto the back of my hand (the same amount you would put on your eyes).

(Top: 17, Middle: No7, Bottom: Bourjois)

Once they had had time to dry/set I brushed over them with a baby wipe.

With only one wipe it’s obvious that the 17 one has practically dissapeared. No7’s has dulled slightly but Bourjois’s is still going strong.

After another brush with a baby wipe 17’s has gone, No7’s is on it’s way to disappearing but Bourjois’s is still going strong. It’s not as vibrant as it first was but it still has an intense block colour.

So the results of my very scientific test is that the middle priced product won!

What do I think?

  • 17 - I normally use this all over my eye instead of an eyeshadow but I find that it creases terribly and within a few hours has practically gone. Reapplication is key to using this product. Something which I don’t have time to do at work.
  • No7 - This is better than 17’s eye pencil, it doesn’t crease but the formulation is chalky and it does feel like it’s being dragged over your eyelid.
  • Bourjois - My favourite! This is such a smooth pencil (slightly reminiscent of Urban Decays 24/7 pencils) and goes on very easy. It doesn’t fade or crease and does last all day. The only bad thing is that when it's first applied to does print slightly onto my upper eyelid so I have to wipe it off.

In this case the cheaper brand is the worst but the most expensive isn’t the best. It pays to be open minded when buying products as paying more doesn’t always mean you’ll end up with the best quality.


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