Saturday, 27 July 2013

Bumble and Bumble Creme De Coco

About a year ago I found this in TK Maxx for £9.99 a bottle but as I being good I decided that I didn't need another shampoo and conditioner even though I really wanted to try it so I resisted and didn't buy it.

Almost immediately I regretted my decision and have trawled every TK Maxx I've come across since to try to find it again...with no luck :-(

So I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy these for full price from Boots: the shampoo was £18.50 and the conditioner £20.00. Yes they're pricey.

The scent is a light coconut and most importantly it doesn't smell artificial. For almost £40 for both I would have been seriously disappointed if they did.

I also decided that these were going to be for special hair days and not for everyday use as I simply can't afford £40 every month or so to replace but I have used these everytime I've washed my hair since I bought them.

From the first wash my hair felt and looked so much fresher, smoother and shinier. Sometimes my hair can look greasy straight after washing but with these I am going 3 days with out re-washing as my hair still feels fresh. My scalp feels slightly itchy but as long as my hair doesn't look greasy I can cope with this!  

I am really impressed with these products and have repurchased them already but I am gong to cut down on when I use them as I can't afford to use them as I am at the moment.

These can be bought at Boots or they are slightly cheaper on some online websites.


OPI Addict said...

I love the scent of these :) I'll bite the bullet and pick them up eventually!


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